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 Transfr, IncFaith MurphreeDirector, Funding Small Business Workforce and Economic Development  Transfr is a virtual reality (VR) platform that provides immersive workforce training and access to various in-demand jobs. It creates seamless pathways from classrooms to careers, equipping the workforce of tomorrow with essential skills that lead to sustainable employment. Using VR headsets, trainees can enter digital worlds and interact with content that simulates 350+ diverse workplace scenarios, such as manufacturing robotics, installing solar panels, or auto body/collision repair. These realistic simulations provide participants with hands-on training within a safe, flexible virtual environment accommodating diverse learning styles and abilities. As trainees interact with the content, a digital coach guides them through essential tasks, providing personalized instruction, constructive feedback, and performance assessments. Transfr incorporates challenges and exercises to maintain trainee engagement, providing real-time feedback within the virtual environment, thereby contributing to skill retention and increased engagement. These simulations serve various purposes, such as providing career exploration opportunities for both youth and adult jobseekers, facilitating onboarding for new employees, conducting regular assessments (e.g., annual skills training), and serving as a recruiting tool in local regions to enhance industry and occupation awareness.


Phone: 6464662600

Address: 2196 Third Ave, New York, NY, 10035, United States
 Business-Higher Education ForumFrank AveryManaging Director Non-Profit Workforce and Economic Development  The Business-Higher Education Forum is the leading national non-profit organization that connects business and higher education to align and scale solutions to meet emerging and persistent talent needs in advanced skills areas like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and clean energy technologies. With 45 years of experience building high-impact, inclusive pathways across higher education and into work, BHEF is the national voice convening and catalyzing partnerships across higher education and business leaders that create accelerated and effective talent solutions. Business and university leaders join together with BHEF to lead innovation at their organizations and in the field to integrate and align learning and work to meet the changing talent needs of learners, workers, businesses and the competitiveness of our nation.


Phone: 6787729326

Address: 1 Dupoint Circle, Washington, DC, 20036, United States
 EarthGrid PBCTroy HelmingCEO & Founder Small Business Other  EarthGrid’s patented high temperature plasma torches cut through all soil types at faster rates than any other technology. The tunneling machine uses high power plasma torches, suitable for the cross section of the tunnel, mounted to the leading edge of the tunneling machine. High Power Plasma Torches-Plasma torches are capable of boring tunnels for a cost less than the traditional overhead high voltage transmission lines with all the benefits of a traditional tunnel.The Native EarthGrid tech utilizes extremely high temperature plasma torches to achieve a spalling of rock/soil at the leading edge of the boring machine. The plasma spalls the rock/soil up to 100 times faster than current methods, at a cost savings of up to 90%.-Tunnel Boring Robot-A 2.5-meter EarthGrid Tunnel Boring Robot (TBR) that was invented and patented by EarthGrid founder Troy Helming, can bore at rates between 800-1400 meters (2600-4600’) per day depending on geology. This reduces project boring time of a 40 mile tunnel to just over 2.5 months. This timeline is comparable to an overhead transmission line but is years ahead of the traditional tunnel boring machines and direct burial methods. As the tunneling machine advances, the tunnel walls are cooled with water and air, and broken up rock/soil are cooled and removed through a vacuum.


Phone: 4159405768

Address: 1 West Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA, 94801, United States
 QuesTek Innovations LLCMarkBurns Small Business Advanced Manufacturing significantly increase the transmission capacity of existing rights-of-way using advanced conductors,QuesTek is both a pioneer and current market leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), as our registered trademarks on the prior page reflect.
The problem QuesTek solves is the time and cost to develop and deploy novel advanced materials. Our Materials by Design® technology is proven to reduce the development time and cost, and to increase the performance, of novel materials.
Materials by Design® technology combines physics-based, mechanistic models with both proven experimental and computational data, CALPHAD tools and data, and AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) and DFT (Density Functional Theory) techniques where useful, into integrated computational simulations. These simulations render highly accurate, prescriptive materials designs, which are readily produce-able. Results for our clients are Faster, Lower-cost advanced materials with predictive properties and performance. The result for QuesTek is uniqueness: We are the only provider in our market space with a proven track record through design, development, and deployment phases of delivering novel materials.


Phone: 7038678008

Address: 1820 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL, 60201, United States
 Georgia Southern UniversityHossein TaheriAssistant Professor and Director of LANDTIE Lab Academic Advanced Manufacturing  LANDTIE has positioned itself as a hub for innovative research, particularly in Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E), In-line monitoring, and Metrology for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials.
Our profound interest aligns seamlessly with the research focus of LANDTIE. Our emphasis on nondestructive evaluation and characterization of materials resonates with our passion for advancing techniques that ensure the structural integrity and quality of materials. Additionally, the lab's commitment to in-situ monitoring and control for manufacturing processes aligns with our keen interest in developing and implementing real-time monitoring systems to enhance manufacturing efficiency and product quality.
Beyond NDT&E, our interest extends to the realm of advanced manufacturing and material processing techniques. We are particularly intrigued by the ongoing research in metal additive manufacturing, Friction Stir Welding, Cold Spray, and the development of novel techniques for processing polymers and composites. These areas of interest reflect a commitment to staying at the forefront of manufacturing technologies and contributing to the advancement of materials science.
Aligned research interests, educational background, and hands-on experiences position us as a research partner ready to actively contribute to the lab's mission of advancing manufacturing technologies and materials science. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with fellow researchers to drive impactful advancements within the realm of advanced nondestructive testing and manufacturing processes.


Phone: 9124787463

Address: 4012 Forest Dr., Statesboro, GA, 30458, United States
 SenSanna IncorporatedJacqueline H HinesCEO Small Business Other 1, 2SenSanna offers cost-effective battery-free wireless line sensors that monitor current, voltage, and line temperature on MV distribution lines; pole sensors; sensors that can monitor industrial equipment power consumption; and wireless sensors for HV equipment.

Line Sensors: SenSanna's line sensors expedite FLISR by providing real-time visibility into local grid conditions, flagging faults when they happen and promptly communicating line status to operators. These cost-effective sensors are based on cell phone filter technology, and do not contain any battery, supercaps, energy harvesting components, or radio. They are powered by a radio frequency ping from a pole mounted reader, and respond with signals containing sensor identification and measurements. Since the sensors do not require current on the line to power sensor operation, they function on low-current (and even zero-current) lines. With a weight of ~3 pounds, these sensors are lightweight enough for even small lines, and fit conductors from #2 bare copper to over 30 mm diameter. The pole mounted reader gathers synchronous data from all three phases and applies grid-edge analytics to detect faults and other conditions of concern. Line temperature is also measured. As added options, the reader can detect changes in pole tilt, pile vibration due to line down conditions, and impact, along with changes in pole loading.

HV sensors: SenSanna is currently developing battery-free wireless sensors to monitor HV equipment such as switchgear and capacitors. Inherently galvanically isolated, these solid-state sensors are ideal for use on HV equipment, and can be read from reader antennas located up to 10 meters away.

Industrial power monitoring: SenSanna offers an easy to install clip-on three phase power monitoring system that measures current, voltage, power factor (PF), and other parameters when installed on conductors feeding industrial loads ranging from hundreds of watts to hundreds of kW. This system facilitates cost-effective retrofitting of installed equipment with minimum downtime, providing insights into energy use and PF (or energy efficiency) on a granular level, machine-by-machine. This data can be used to document carbon footprint, and support energy efficiency initiatives by identifying equipment where PF correction can yield reductions in total electricity consumption (and reduced carbon footprint). Power consumption data is also relevant for condition based monitoring (CBM).


Phone: 4105444664

Address: 7468 Candlewood Rd., Suite A, Hanover, MD, 21076, United States
 Virtual PeakerKirsten MillarDirector of Policy and Solutions Partnerships Small Business Grid Topic Areas 2 and 3, Virtual Power Plants, Demand FlexibilityVirtual Peaker is a cloud-based distributed energy company that empowers modern utilities to build the grid of the future and meet global decarbonization goals. The SaaS company’s platform suites unify all aspects of DER management, from DERMS to customer engagement and load forecasting.

Virtual Peaker supports forward-thinking utilities and partnerships that are leading the transformation to a more sustainable electric grid through demand management and virtual power plants that optimize the grid and account for customer needs. We make demand as controllable as a peaker plant.

Virtual Peaker has more than 30 utility clients across 19 states and 5 Canadian provinces.


Phone: 303-909-6560

Address: 825 E. Market St., Suite 203, Louisville, KY, 40206, United States
 Hubbell Utility SolutionsMarko VeilBusiness Development Large Business Grid Grid Automation, AMI, Grid Infrastructure & HardeningHubbell Utility Solutions (HUS) enables the grid to conduct, communicate, and control energy across utility applications. HUS provides critical components that allow the grid to reliably transmit and distribute energy, as well as communications and controls technologies that make the grid smarter and more flexible. Our solutions include utility transmission and distribution components such as arresters, insulators, connectors, anchors, bushings, and enclosures, as well as smart meters, communications systems, and protection and control devices. HUS supports the electrical distribution, electrical transmission, water, gas distribution, telecommunications, and solar and wind markets.

Hubbell's business is strategically aligned with clean energy and grid reliability megatrends, including grid modernization, electrification, hardening, and wildfire mitigation. Our solutions enable a more reliable, resilient, and efficient grid by upgrading critical components while equipping utilities with data-driven insights through enhanced communications and controls. For example, our smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure allow our customers to track and manage the use of energy, water, and other natural resources in real time. Hubbell’s components enable the generation of renewable energy, as well as the safe, reliable, and efficient transmission of energy from renewable and distributed energy sources to end consumers.

Founded in 1888, Hubbell’s rich history and culture are grounded in our dedication to innovation and quality. For 135 years, we have delivered leading-edge products with a broad range of critical infrastructure applications.


Phone: 8644304823

Address: 77 W Port Plaza Dr, St. Louis, MO, 63146, United States
 Enline EnergyLeonardo Vicentini BonattoBusiness Developer Small Business Grid Grid Enhancing TechnologiesEnline is a Grid Enhancing Technology company that does asset monitoring company by creating low Capex and low Opex Digital Twins of transmission lines, power plants, and industrial facilities.

Our interest is to be a solutions provider to utility companies to enable GRIP eligibility.

Enline can digitalize over 2000 km of transmission lines per day and deliver full-functioning platforms within a month or less.


Phone: 5541992930420

Address: 444 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA, 02143, United States
 Ubicquia, Inc.Charlie NoblesVP of Business Development, Smart Grid - Utilities Small Business Grid Topic Area 3 - Grid InnovationUbicquia grid asset monitoring solutions for distribution transformers that can retrofit easily to existing assets.

The DTM platform (Distribution Transformer Monitor) was developed in conjunction with Florida Power & Light and has been deployed by FP&L at scale on single phase aerial and pad-mounted transformers, and three phase padmount transformers for critical loads. The platform can be retrofitted to energized transformers of any make/model and monitors key transformer parameters in real-time, relaying data to a secure AWS cloud via existing LTE communications networks. The DTM monitors both the primary and secondary of the transformer, as well as monitoring the actual asset health directly.
The DTM (distribution transformer monitor) platform can detect and monitor 'behind the meter' customer loads such as EV while providing real-time data on localized grid health to the individual transformer or along a given circuit or phase. These capabilities can also be used to detect customer load power factor and harmonics and circuit faults. Utilities can further leverage this data to provide time-sensitive grid information to predict circuit anomalies and support service restoration.
The DTM platform provides visibility into the actual operating parameters of distribution transformers to track phase and circuit imbalance, presence of EV loads and other ‘behind the meter’ generation and intermittent loads, measurement of harmonic distortion from inverters that can create additional current backflow into the transformers and prematurely heat up and age transformers, etc. This information can allow the utility to know where these intermittent unplanned loads are, see overloaded and distressed transformer assets, and proactively plan circuit and voltage support to accommodate more efficiency and agility of the distribution grid.


Phone: 9198122087

Address: 401 East Las Olas Blvd Suite 1750, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301, United States
 Ubicquia, Inc.Charlie NoblesVP of Business Development, Smart Grid - Utilities Small Business Grid Topic Area 2 - Smart GridUbicquia grid asset monitoring solutions for distribution transformers that can retrofit easily to existing assets.

The DTM platform (Distribution Transformer Monitor) was developed in conjunction with Florida Power & Light and has been deployed by FP&L at scale on single phase aerial and pad-mounted transformers, and three phase padmount transformers for critical loads. The platform can be retrofitted to energized transformers of any make/model and monitors key transformer parameters in real-time, relaying data to a secure AWS cloud via existing LTE communications networks. The DTM monitors both the primary and secondary of the transformer, as well as monitoring the actual asset health directly. The DTM platform provides visibility into the actual operating parameters of distribution transformers to track phase and circuit imbalance, presence of EV loads and other ‘behind the meter’ generation and intermittent loads, measurement of harmonic distortion from inverters that can create additional current backflow into the transformers and prematurely heat up and age transformers, etc. This information can allow the utility to know where these intermittent unplanned loads are, see overloaded and distressed transformer assets, and proactively plan circuit and voltage support to accommodate more efficiency and agility of the distribution grid.


Phone: 9198122087

Address: 401 East Las Olas Blvd Suite 1750, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301, United States
 Ubicquia, Inc.Charlie NoblesVP of Business Development, Smart Grid - Utilities Small Business Grid Topic area 1 - Grid ResiliencyTopic Area 1 - Grid Resilience
Ubicquia grid asset monitoring solutions for distribution transformers and utility T&D poles that can retrofit easily to existing assets.
The DTM platform (Distribution Transformer Monitor) was developed in conjunction with Florida Power & Light and has been deployed by FP&L at scale on single phase aerial and pad-mounted transformers, and three phase padmount transformers for critical loads. The platform can be retrofitted to energized transformers of any make/model and monitors key transformer parameters in real-time, relaying data to a secure AWS cloud via existing LTE communications networks. The DTM monitors both the primary and secondary of the transformer, providing detection and measurement of primary fault current to help quickly locate primary faults. The DTM platform can support radial and loop configured transformers. This transformer condition data is being used to develop true 'condition-based maintenance' programs to extend the life of the transformer assets as well as reduce O&M expense related to outdated visual inspection programs or 'run to failure' operational plans. A key part of Undergrounding projects where both the end-of-circuit OHD transformer and the URD padmount transformers can be monitored. Additionally, DTM can detect momentaries caused by automatic recloser operations, allowing utilities to identify circuits with repeated recloser actions caused by vegetation overgrowth.
Ubicquia has also brought to market a simple solar-powered device that easily attaches to utility structures (T or D poles) and can monitor these assets in real time for tilt and impact. The unit has onboard GPS for location awareness, self-commissions onto the LTE networks upon powering up via the embedded solar arrays, and begins monitoring the asset and communicating status and alerts. The solution has tilt angle measurement accuracy of less than 1 degree and impact monitoring capability of less than 0.1G. A key element of a utility pole hardening strategy, these devices can detect and alarm on excessive winds, poles being impacted by trees, and poles moving due to trees entangled in the overhead conductor. The TVM solution can alarm on excessive pole motion, or poles that are moving relative to other poles on the same circuit or in the same area. Additionally, the TVM platform can alert on impact to poles caused by trees falling into the pole or conductors, even if there is no resulting tilt to the pole.


Phone: 9198122087

Address: 401 East Las Olas Blvd Suite 1750, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301, United States
 Enline EnergyLeonardo Vicentini BonattoBusiness Developer Small Business Grid Grid Enhancing TechnologiesEnline is a European company that has deployed Grid Enhancing Technologies, such as Dynamic Line Rating, in 17 countries. Some clients are HydroOne, Austrian Power Grid, Germany's 50 Hz, Spain's Red Elétrica de España, Portugal's Finerge and Redes Energéticas Nacionais, and 30 others.

We are interested in partnering up with utility companies, asset owners, grid operators, or any transmission system entity to boost the grid's operational capabilities, overall performance, resilience, and reliability via Grid Enhancing Technologies.

Our capabilities include Historical, live, and forecast monitoring of overhead and underground lines; Risk management with wildfire, landslides, and vegetation monitoring via satellite imagery and soil modeling; Capex and Opex optimization for energy-intensive assets via dedicated design and operation optimization tools; Digital Twin based power plant monitoring; and Tailor-made diverse software applications.

Our main technology consists of Digital Twins, creating a high-fidelity modeling of assets. Enline does not need additional hardware to deploy its solutions, enabling us to parameterize over 1000 km of transmission lines per day.


Phone: +5541992930420

Address: R. Combatentes da Grande Guerra 14, 5370-339 Mirandela, Portugal, Mirandela, Bragança, 5370-339, Portugal
 California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLAStephanie PincetlFounding Director and Professor Academic Grid Topic Area 2: Smart Grid GrantsThe California Center for Sustainable Communities (CCSC) at UCLA conducts research on water, energy, and urban ecosystems at numerous scales, with grants from the City of LA, the County of LA, and state and federal agencies. We work to develop replicable methods that inform policy regionally, statewide, and potentially nationally and internationally. Our research is used to advance knowledge among communities of scholarship and practice about ways to advance equitable urban sustainability and resilience.

CCSC is an expert in the many applications, handling, and management of energy data. CCSC has pioneered new analysis methods to assist in the energy transition toward electrification and provide insights into the potential unequal outcomes for disadvantaged communities. Our Energy Atlas harnesses a sophisticated coupling of sociodemographic data, energy consumption, and building attributes, with grid capacity and solar rooftop potential. The UCLA Energy Atlas is the largest set of disaggregated energy data in the nation. This first of its kind interactive website and our privileged access to the backend private account-level energy consumption data can be used to inform energy planning and research throughout much of California as the State works to achieve ambitious energy goals and as local regions work to create energy sustainability.

CCSC is deeply engaged in and committed to advancing equity through the modernization of the US electricity grid. In collaboration with other UCLA campus partners, CCSC provided critical research and recommendations for how the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) can achieve its goal of 100% clean energy by 2035 in an equitable and just manner. CCSC specifically leveraged its Energy Atlas to support affordability analysis, and developed estimates of as-built and existing electric service panel capacities of residential properties and future panel upgrade needs to handle comprehensive electrification throughout the LADWP service territory.


Phone: (310) 825-3778

Address: 619 Charles E. Young Drive East, LaKretz Hall – Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA, 90095, United States
 GoPowerEVHarrison WaschuraHead of Product Small Business Grid Electric Vehicle Charging and Energy InfrastructureGoPowerEV develops, installs, and operates EV charging systems focusing in the Multi Family Housing market. GoPowerEV's SmartOutlet is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for multi-family residential EV charging. The SmartOutlet provides low-power Level 2 charging to every parking space, and GoPowerEV's combined local and cloud control system enables smart grid functionality including load management, dynamic pricing, automated demand response, emergency load reduction and emissions optimizations while meeting resident mobility requirements. GoPowerEV is developing additional energy management capabilities to control on-site energy generation and storage infrastructure in concert with EV charging and other site loads.
GoPowerEV is capable and interested in partnerships to develop technology, deploy technology, and promote sustainable energy use with community organizations. GoPowerEV has a history of working with underserved communities to promote EV adoption through providing at-home EV charging solutions for MFH.
GoPowerEV is focused in the MFH market, but is also capable of deploying our charging technology in other markets.


Phone: 6507046234

Address: 2935 Alexis Dr, Palo Alto, CA, 93404, United States
 RhizomeMishal ThadaniChief Executive Officer Small Business Grid  Rhizome is a software-as-a-service company applying AI-based tools and climate models to quantify risk on electric distribution assets from various hazards in the present and future. Rhizome's platform has the ability to quantify financial risk on asset- and feeder-levels and achieve cost-benefit metrics of a multitude of distribution investments.


Phone: 713-385-9729

Address: 3619 Georgia Ave NW, #502, Washington, DC, 20010, United States
 Sensible Photonics, IncJohn BelechakPresident and CEO Small Business Advanced electrification technologies  Sensible Photonics addresses needs for real-time monitoring and predictive analytics for distribution transformers and energy storage. Our proprietary fiber optic sensors enable situational awareness, proactive prediction of imminent failures, required maintenance and elimination of events that have an impact on customers and environmental issues.

Sensible Photonics is seeking collaborations that support improvement of visibility of the electrical system to distribution grid operators. Specifically, we are looking to enhance grid reliability and resiliency through sensor integration on distribution assets with field demonstrations of our proprietary sensor technologies with advanced analytics that will support the development of the grid of the future. Our technology and expertise builds off of nearly a decade of research and development by the Sensible Photonics inventors with technology licensed from the National Energy Technology Laboratory and the University of Pittsburgh. Our secured intellectual property strongly positions us as a partner to exploit our capabilities for grid monitoring failures with advanced insights for operational distribution assets.


Phone: 4129566318

Address: 4012 Gwynedd Drive, Allison Park, PA, 15101-3177, United States
 VT ElectronMark BannonCEO Small Business Grid Smart Distribution GridThe LV network is now the front line of the ever-changing energy system. Decarbonisation means that LV networks around the world will see an unprecedented 4x increase in demand. Electricity grid systems worldwide will need massive modernisation and reinforcement and will double in size. This coupled with the rise of end consumers actively generating power and selling this back into the grid, through micro-generation and demand-response, means that power flows will become more dynamic putting new types of stresses and constraints on Grids.
As part of a global €21.5 trillion investment in electrical grids to 2050, Grid operators are deploying digital technologies to support multiple Net Zero decarbonisation scenarioss. These technologies provide the LV Distribution Grid with observability and controllability; efficient infrastructure and network planning; operations and simulations for a more resilient grid; active system Management and data exchange between TSO and DSO.

VT Electron has 10+years of experience in remote data capture and advanced asset monitoring across distirbution Grids.. With over 50,000+ IoT devices deployed across our networks to date, we have unique expertise in the design, development and deployment of state-of-the-art monitoring and sensing solutions at scale.

VT Electrons innovative hardware and software solutions achieve state-of-the-art grid intelligence to strengthen and modernise low voltage networks.

Grid Visibility and Awareness
VT’s Scavenger™ LV grid monitor is the most intelligent and versatile LV grid monitor available on the market today. Designed by grid operators for grid operators, it can be installed quickly and safely on both indoor (ground mounted) and outdoor (pole mounted) assets without the need for downtime or outages.

Combining class S Power quality monitoring with the capability of 32Khz waveform recording, it ensures the best-in-class visibility on all types of LV grid networks. With the ability to monitor up to 7 circuits/ways and 28 individual lines, Scavenger™ provides all the data required to manage and monitor a modern digital grid. Through advanced software tools and insights such as grid-code-adherence reporting and harmonics analytics, The Electron Cloud™ provides an innovative grid analytics tool which supports the operation of a grid. Our solution is designed to help Utility customers handle the massive growth in low carbon technologies and electricity demand.


Phone: 00353857866472

Address: DCU Alpha, Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin, D11KXN4, Ireland
 BDO USADan DurstManaging Director Large Business Other Award AdministrationBDO Knows Grants Management. In the ever-evolving grants landscape, BDO emerges as a guiding force, offering a seamless journey through the complete lifecycle of grants management. BDO partners with organizations seeking the following capabilities:

Capability 1: Crafting Visions - Pre-Award Support

Embarking on the grants journey, our clients find solace in BDO's adeptness at transforming abstract ideas into compelling narratives. With meticulous attention to detail, we assist in articulating project concepts, ensuring they resonate with grantors. BDO supports organizations with the development of compelling concept papers and convincing full applications. A team of budgeting and indirect cost rate negotiation experts complements our grant writing expertise.

Capability 2: Sustaining Triumphs - Post Award Administration

The grant journey does not end with the notice of award; it transforms into a partnership sustained by compliance and reporting. BDO's commitment to ensuring adherence to grant terms and conditions is unwavering. Our experts seamlessly support the accounting, procurement, property management, and cyber related responsibilities of the largest grant recipients.

Capability 3: Bridging Horizons - Technology Integration

In an era dominated by technology, BDO does not merely adapt; it leads. Our grants management experts are enabled with innovative technology, bringing forth a wave of efficiency to our clients. From accounting to subaward administration, our experts identify the right solutions for each clients’ unique needs.

Capability 4: Echoes of Success - Impact Reporting

The soul of BDO's journey lies in the success stories etched in collaboration with our clients and their programs. Through quantitative metrics and qualitative milestones, BDO designs compliant and insightful reporting frameworks to address awarding agency demands.


Phone: 703-770-4456

Address: 8401 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, McLean, VA, 22102, United States
 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business Other Community Benefits, Project Planning, and Project ReportingFedsprout helps businesses and non-profits secure government funding and provide support during project execution. We help strategize, plan, and ensure successful projects when working with the federal government, especially when it comes to clean energy and other DOE initiatives.

Area of Technical Expertise: Community Benefits Planning for Proposals, Community Engagement, Implementation of Community Benefits Plans, Clean Energy Demonstration Planning. We are experts in community engagement, workforce development, DEIA, and Justice 40. We have technical experts that have been a part of many DOE proposal submissions and projects.

Brief Description of Capabilities: We help write, strategize, and implement community benefits plans for proposals and projects. We provide planning and strategy for successful government-funded projects. Our experts are familiar with federal regulations, budgeting, and compliance.

Area of Interest: Partnering for Community Benefits, Successful Demonstration Planning, Project Reporting, and other aspects from proposal preparation through project completion


Phone: 3233634459

Address: 76 PETTIT PL, PRINCETON, NJ, 08540, United States
 MCEAlexandra McGeeDirector of Strategic Initiatives State and/or Local Government Power Generation Technologies Virtual Power PlantsAbout MCE: MCE is a not-for-profit public agency and the preferred electricity provider for more than 586,000 customer accounts and 1.5 million residents and businesses across Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, and Solano counties. Setting the standard for clean energy in California since 2010, MCE leads with 60-100% renewable power at stable rates, delivering a 1,400 MW peak load and significantly reducing greenhouse emissions and reinvesting millions in local programs.


Phone: 925.378.6756

Address: 1125 Tamalpais Ave, San Rafael, CA, 94901, United States
 Electric Power Systems, Inc.Patricia PerrymanTechnical Writer Small Business Power Generation Technologies Power GenerationElectric Power Systems is an Alaska based multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm that offers complete solutions to industrial and government clients of all sizes around the globe. Since 1996, EPS has provided engineering and technical services to clients in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the South Pacific. EPS engineers are registered in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, South Dakota, Guam, and Commonwealth of Northern Marianas. Our services range from planning studies, design, construction, and start up/commissioning to periodic testing and maintenance. Our backgrounds in power system operation, engineering, and administration allow us to perceive the operational effects of design decisions, prior to them becoming operational or regulatory issues. Our “cradle to grave” suite of services, from planning, through design, construction, startup and commissioning, to in-service testing and failure analysis provide our clients with a full range of support.
• Industry Wide Experts in Islanded Power Systems
• Renewable Generation & Energy Storage Systems
• Studies, Consulting, & Planning
• Generation to Distribution Design & Construction
• Microgrids, Automation, Monitoring, & Integration
• Start-up, Testing, Commissioning, & Maintenance
• Right-of-Way Acquisition & Permitting Assistance
• Emergency Power Systems for Critical Needs


Phone: 9076465141

Address: 3305 Arctic Blvd., Anchorage, AK, 99503, United States
 BIATECH CORPORATIONNathaniel HartwigPresident Small Business Power Generation Technologies  BiaTech Corporation is partnering with leading companies to develop and scale solutions for today’s industry decarbonization challenges quickly by applying tools like AI/ML, simulation/ digital twin, and distributed ledger. Modernize the U.S. electric grid at the transmission and distribution levels by increasing resilience in the face of extreme disruptions, enabled by data and advanced software and hardware solutions, to improve grid performance in an equitable way, while creating good jobs, and engaging in the community.

BiaTech is a mission-oriented company. We cherish humanity and respect the roles energy and science play. We build impactful AI enabled Hardware Technology and provide software services to help companies improve operational decisions and reduce risks.

BiaTech is seeking partners for Utilities on Topic Area 1: Grid Resilience Grant to reduce the likelihood and consequence of impacts to the electric grid due to extreme weather and natural disasters. We have proposed project work steps and the right technology for a holistic safety net consolidating siloed alert and monitoring systems. We also complement this with robotic visual inspections and image analytics to further reduce disruption potential.

Comprehensive transformational transmission and distribution technology solutions will mitigate specific hazards across a region or within a community, such as wildfires, floods, high wind events including tornadoes and hurricanes, and extreme temperatures.

Examples of Real-Time Monitoring:

High-Voltage Equipment Monitoring: Sensors monitor the structural health and performance of high-voltage equipment such as transformers and switchgears. They can detect temperature variations and mechanical strain, which are crucial for preventing equipment failures. This can also reduce downtime in extreme weather, to include wildfires, wind, and ice.

Cable Monitoring: Sensors track temperature and strain in power cables, including underground and undersea cables, to detect potential faults and prevent cable failures, ensuring grid reliability. Sensors monitor the sag and tension of overhead power lines. Cable swaying can also lead to wear or arching and can be measured with distributed virtual sensors.

Substation Monitoring: Sensors monitor parameters like temperature, strain, and vibration in electrical substations, ensuring operational integrity and reliability of these critical components.


Phone: 8325080922

Address: 3015 N Rocky Point Dr E, Tampa, FL, 33607, United States
 Flip Energy, Inc.Ben LarraldeCEO Small Business Grid  As a leader in smart energy solutions, Flip Energy serves as a pivotal hub for grid-awareness. We offer a robust platform that seamlessly integrates monetization opportunities into devices, enhancing customer energy goals with a bespoke, brand-aligned experience.

Our focus is on pioneering smart grid technologies, promoting the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), enhancing energy efficiency, and advancing the decarbonization of energy. These interests underscore our dedication to a sustainable, efficient energy future, inviting collaboration with partners who share our passion for innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions.

- Smart Grid and DERs Integration: We excel in integrating and managing DERs, optimizing their contribution to the smart grid and energy markets.
- Innovative Optimization Algorithms: Our platform offers algorithms for customer-centric energy usage, emphasizing cost savings, self-consumption, or carbon emission reduction.
- Plug and Play: Our platform acts as a comprehensive gateway to the grid, enhancing backend systems with minimal engineering input, offering versatility for various energy companies.
- Diverse Market Appeal: Our solutions cater to utilities, manufacturers, solar contractors, and electrification companies, providing smart, efficient, and cost-effective energy management tools.


Phone: 4159679461

Address: 2261 Market Street #5160, San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States
 New Sun RoadRobin MilshteinDirector of Business Development Small Business Other Topic Areas 1, 2, and 3New Sun Road is seeking to partner on this FOA as a vendor and energy management solution provider. Our proprietary energy management platform pairs hardware and software to enable remote monitoring, control and performance optimization of microgrids, DERs, and stand alone power systems. The Stellar Edge™ controller is compatible across a wide range of communication protocols and power device OEMs. The Stellar Edge™ acts as a gateway, executing local commands while streaming data to the cloud to be visualized on Stellar Microgrid OS™. The Stellar Microgrid OS™ platform enables operators, maintenance providers, and asset managers to manage fleets of systems from a single dashboard. Key features include advanced data analytics and AI powered optimization. New Sun Road’s Stellar AITM predictive control system dynamically optimizes power system controls using a combination of artificial intelligence models for forecasting and inference, optimization modeling, cloud-based data-processing and storage, edge computing, and device communications. New Sun Road’s experience includes grid-connected (islandable) and off-grid systems, load management, demand response, grid services, and aggregation. Our projects typically include renewable energy generation and battery energy storage.

New Sun Road is a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation focused on accelerating the deployment of renewable energy, particularly for rural and underserved communities. Our customers include electric utilities, energy-as-a-service providers, OEMs, project developers, business owners, homeowners, and communities. We are ISO 27001 certified. Stellar Microgrid OS manages more than 1000 mission critical power systems in over 20 countries.


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