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 Association of Energy EngineersColin SpadyDirector of Business Development Non-Profit Workforce Development and Training Workforce DevelopmentThe Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is a nonprofit professional association with over 18,000 members around the world. Since its inception, AEE has been a leader in training and certifications in energy management and energy efficiency.

Our accredited and internationally accepted energy certification programs have helped more than 33,000 professionals gain recognition for their technical knowledge and industry expertise. Our programs are recognized globally by local, state and federal governments, NGO’s, utilities, energy service companies and business professionals and engineers.

The Department of Energy has recognized AEE as a credentialed partner due to our success with the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) certification. Additionally, AEE is mentioned in the Inflation Reduction Act BIL in section 41503.

AEE’s Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) certification trains industry professionals to stay at the forefront of their field gaining knowledge of energy efficiency assessments. At completion of the CEA course, trainees will have an understanding of; evaluating and analyzing energy usage in a facility, identify energy conservation opportunities, and make recommendations where consumption can be reduced or optimized in large commercial facilities and residential buildings. Our learning platforms are in-person, online, virtual and hybrid.

Additionally, AEE’s global network provides its members with networking capabilities in areas of professional development, mentorship, and job opportunities.

AEE is seeking to partner with State Energy Office's applying for the Energy Auditor Training grant, individually or collaboratively. We are also available to assist agencies with meeting workforce development requirements of the application.


Phone: 703-447-5083 ext. 239

Address: 3168 Mercer University Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30341, United States
 Home Performance Coalition, Inc. aka Building Performance Association, Inc.Robin YochumDirector of Programs & Partnerships Non-Profit Workforce Development and Training  The Home Performance Coalition (HPC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to encourage the creation of energy-efficient, healthy, sustainable homes through education, training, advocacy, and outreach.

The Building Performance Association (BPA) is a 501(c) 6 nonprofit industry association that serves as the hub for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies working to make America’s homes more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient.  

Together, the shared Board of Directors and staff of HPC and BPA work to further the expansion of the building performance industry. All references to the “organization,” “we,” or “us” are representative of both HPC and BPA. 

 The organization:  

Acts as a prime workforce development hub of resources and information.  

Keeps the industry informed on best practices, innovative technologies, and policy.  

Lobbies for state and federal policies that grow the home performance industry.  

Brings the industry together through regional and national conferences.  

Serves as the home performance industry’s connection to networking, professional development, and job opportunities.  

The organization’s 20,000+ network includes:  

Home performance, energy efficiency, and weatherization contractors and agencies  

Energy auditors  

Manufacturers and distributors   

Utility energy efficiency programs  

Nonprofits and community organizations  

Government agencies


Phone: 916-742-0676

Address: 651 Holiday Dr, Pittsburgh, NV, 15220, United States
 Willdan Clean Energy AcademyAntuan CannonVice President Large Business Workforce Development and Training Energy Auditor TrainingFounded in 1964, Willdan is a national leader in energy, engineering, and software consulting. We specialize in helping utilities and municipalities achieve long-term performance and energy goals.
Nationally, we have implemented more than 130 demand-side utility and municipal energy programs and worked closely with 700,000 customers to save energy, optimize operations, and reduce GHG emissions. Our community engagement, outreach, and impact have resulted in:
• 80,000+ commercial facility upgrades
• 1,400+ MW in targeted demand reduction
• 6,800 GWh annual energy savings
• Strong partnership with local trade professionals and unions
• Outreach to and success serving Disadvantaged Communities
The Willdan Clean Energy Academy (WCEA) offers a free, exceptional energy efficiency career training program that emphasizes advanced-level courses tailored to the dynamic needs of the clean energy job market. Since its inception in 2020, WCEA has produced over 870 graduates with 70% of our students coming from disadvantaged communities and priority populations. The academy has also shown substantial annual growth in its number of graduates each year.
A key highlight of WCEA's offerings is the energy auditor training program, recognized for its success in training and job placement. This program equips students with essential skills for Professional Certifications like the EPA Universal 608, AEE Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), BPI Multi Family Building Analyst (MFBA), NALMCO Certified Apprentice Lighting Technician, and OSHA certifications. WCEA's comprehensive training encompasses a blend of virtual classroom instruction, hands-on field training, and robust certification test preparation. Additionally, students engage in Capstone Service-Learning Projects that offer real-world application of their skills.
Beyond the technical training, WCEA extends its support through career services including job and internship placement, and continued engagement and education, ensuring long-term career success. The academy's impact is further amplified by its involvement in winning over 10 grants totaling over $4 million, with approximately 90% benefiting Small Diverse and MWBE Partners. This reflects WCEA's commitment to creating a Win-Win scenario for both students and employers in the clean energy sector.


Phone: 646-357-6033

Address: Adams Express Building, 61 Broadway # 2010, New York, NY, 10006, United States
 EverblueLesley BauldingMarketing Manager Small Business Workforce Development and Training Energy Auditor Training & CertificationEverblue is an IREC Accredited Training & Software Provider that provides high-quality workforce solutions in the energy efficiency industry. Since 2008, Everblue has provided BPI Certification, RESNET HERS Rater, HEP Energy Auditor, and other courses online and nationally in person through its open enrollment schedule and through private corporate training. Specifically relevant to BIL 40503, Everblue provides residential energy auditor training and certification programs, preparing candidates to receive any of the following credentials: BPI Building Science Principles, BPI Building Analyst Technician, BPI Building Analyst Professional, BPI Infiltration & Duct Leakage, HEP Energy Auditor, HEP Quality Control Inspector, and RESNET HERS Rater. Through its partnerships with state energy offices, tribes, community action agencies, utilities, prisons, community colleges, and employment agencies, Everblue shows an unwavering commitment to building a strong energy efficiency workforce.


Phone: 8004602575

Address: 8720 Camberly Road, Huntersville, NC, 28078, United States
 AOC Key Solutions, Inc. (dba Key Solutions, Inc.)Greg McCarthyCEO Small Business Business Development Grant and Proposal WritingNeed help applying for this funding opportunity?

KSI helps small and large firms and SLED entities apply for and win Federal grants and other State and Local funding opportunities -from concept through to award- as well as FED/SLED contracts, with services including:

• Writing, Editing, and Managing Concept Papers and follow-on Full Applications for Federal Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) and State and Local Grant Funding Opportunities (GFOs)
• Assistance setting up new companies or foreign entities including obtaining U.S. Tax ID Number (TIN) / Employer ID Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and registrations including obtaining critical UEI and CAGE codes needed to apply for and be eligible for funding awards
• Assistance certifying as a Small Business (SB) with the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) including WOSB, SDVOSB, 8(a), and HubZone
• Critical research and support activities including those necessary to design projects that are eligible for and compliant with contracts and/or funding opportunity requirements including Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
• End-to-end Business Development Outsourcing (BDO)
• Capture, Proposal, and Business Development Staff Augmentation for Government Contractor (GovCon) companies
• Acquisition Planning and Procurement Support Services for FED and SLED Government Agencies

For 40+ years, AOC Key Solutions, known as Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI), has been a pioneering force in the world of Government contracting and funding. We have helped win over $200 billion in contracts across the Federal and SLED markets and more in Federal and State grants and other funding opportunities. KSI has a deep bench of subject matter experts, government agency experts, proposal and capture experts, and technical writing, editing, and graphics support experts who are qualified and experienced in grant and proposal development best practices across GSA, DHS, DoE and 100+ other federal and state agencies. We will provide you with tools and talent you need to win government grants and contracts, from full turnkey teams to individual resources who have the right skills and personalities to align with your needs, and your team.

With KSI, you will benefit from our deep experience derived from over 7,000 Government proposal and grant responses developed and submitted.

NAICS: 541611 (primary), 541613, 541430, 561320
PSC Codes: R408, R410, R425, R499, R707


Phone: 443-667-6606

Address: 14420 Albemarle Point Place, Suite 200, Chantilly, VA, 20151-1690, United States
 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BUILDING SCIENCEKALEIGH MITCHELLK.MITCHELL@AIOBS.ORG Small Business Workforce Development and Training Building Performance Training and CertificationsAmerican Institute of Building Science (AIOBS) is a leading training provider for designations recognized by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). The American Institute of Building Science, LLC, was founded in 2015. Our company comprises over 100 years of combined experience in the construction, home performance and environmental industries. As a values-based organization, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of training, testing and certification, as well as immersive, hands-on field operation experience to prepare you for your career in the Home Performance, Healthy Homes, and Green Energy Industry.
AIOBS is committed to strengthening the workforce in the energy efficiency sector, working with both newcomers and existing industry professionals alike, to build a solid knowledge base of the Building Performance Industry and Weatherization implementation to improve overall building performance. Energy Efficiency is based on a complex science, which needs to be entirely understood in all of its intricacies, in order to provide sustainable solutions for our homes and businesses that will improve overall health of the occupants along with energy conservation and utility savings.
AIOBS has designed a comprehensive curriculum to equip professionals with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the Energy Efficiency and Building Performance industry. The education that AIOBS provides focuses on a specific knowledge base of building science that is crucial for meeting quality standards set by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and government-regulated building codes, while also ensuring the health and safety of both occupants and workers.
Creating a successful, long-lasting knowledge base in the energy efficiency industry through an individualized training approach involves tailoring the learning experience to each candidate. AIOBS has successfully executed multiple workforce development cohorts, training and certifying the future workforce with the competency and skillset required for the industry.


Phone: 2037795260

Address: 1730 US HIGHWAY 50, GLENBROOK, NV, 89413, United States
 WT Partners, LLCWilliam ThaiManaging Director Small Business Industry Analysis  16+ experience as Grid Modernization & Innovation Advisor and Proposal & Grant Writer in the Power, Energy, and Utilities. Capabilities include Engineering, Project Management, IT, Operations, and Consulting in the Utility Industry.


Phone: 9499434554

Address: 8911 Laureate Boulevard, Orlando, FL, 32827, United States
 Loans and Grants HelpDarrin RiberdyMember Small Business Business Development  We assist firms to complete and submit their grant application:

1. Project management of grant applications from start to finish
2. Create application template with client logo and branding
3. Create secure Dropbox site for document management
4. Create application plan with writing assignments and schedule
5. Agency documentation of solicitation and Q&A
6. Facilitate kick-off meeting and all status calls
7. Assistance to complete the concept paper
8. Assistance to complete full application
9. Assistance to complete application forms
10. Assistance to upload to agency portal
11. Assistance with obtaining UEI and
12. Packaging services
13. Assistance with application compliance
14. Assistance with application evaluation


Phone: 9563603960

Address: Schuerbach Road, Mission, TX, 78574, United States
 Energy Resources Group, Inc.Tim MichelsPresident Small Business Workforce Development and Training Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Workforce DevelopmentStarted ERG in 1975 as an energy efficiency and renewable energy consulting firm and have written multiple books on solar energy (Solar Energy Utilization, Van Nostrand Reinhold -1979, 253 pp.) and authored multiple research papers (DOE related research on building energy modeling, energy efficiency, passive solar retrofits, and contributed to the first BEPS efforts with AIA Research Corporation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) that have been published and presented at conferences in the US and abroad. I trained home energy auditors for St. Louis County Missouri in 1977 to provide free energy audits for homeowners (training tapes still available). Taught Passive Solar Design courses, training home builders, across the country under contracts to regional solar commercialization centers and to manufactured housing companies under a SERI (Solar Energy Research Institute – NREL predecessor) contract. Building Operator Certification trainer per Northwest Energy Efficiency Council program for state programs across the State of Missouri. The ERG team developed one of the first microprocessor based 32 channel data acquisition systems to support passive solar retrofit research efforts. Developed one of the first appliance power monitoring systems, “Energy$Teller” to support the concept of “informed consent” with respect to home electricity use. It was marketed to the utility industry (IOUs, Munis, & Coops) when DSM was in vogue (died when utility deregulation happened). Volunteered for 10± years on the ASHRAE Standards Project Committee 90.1 – developing the energy efficiency guidelines for buildings over 3 stories – helping to develop the first version of the Energy Cost Budget compliance path. Helped found the St. Louis Gateway Chapter of the US Green Building Council in 2000. Adjunct faculty for 9 years teaching a graduate level course on Energy and Buildings in the Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Department at Washington University, St. Louis – students’ terminal projects were ASHRAE Level II audits of buildings on campus. Current focus is on delivering net-zero cost-effectively (10+% ROI) in Justice 40 communities. Registered Architect in Missouri, Member of ASHRAE, Certified Commissioning Authority.


Phone: 3144954188

Address: 6744 Olive Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63130, United States